A Stylist for the Rest of Us.

Truly positive personal styling for every body.

How we’re Different.

No shaming. No body-hate. Just honest advice and assistance with clothing and makeup – without the side order of nastiness you may have come to expect. Dignity, respect and collaboration are the cornerstones of the way we work here. We’re interested in a kinder, more respectful approach to personal styling.

Our Speciality? You. Yes, you.

While we specialise in helping plus-sized people we offer our services to everyone – people of every gender, shape, colour, size and ice-cream preference.


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In Melbourne. And everywhere.

We offer our services in person in Melbourne throughout the year, and in other cities in our biannual visits.

We also offer our services remotely to anyone with an Internet connection (so if you can read this, we can work something out.)

Email us at bodypositivestylist@gmail.com for more information.

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