My Philosophy

My approach to personal styling is a bit different to the stylists you see on TV – rather than the “break them down and build them up again” method you often see employed, I am more interested in a positive approach. I am also not interested in perpetrating the negativity that seems to abound when people talk about fashion – I don’t happen to think we need to disguise, minimise, or “flatter” our wonderful bodies.  I don’t want to destroy all signs of personality and force people into a “cookie-cutter” of “appropriate” fashion. I think there’s ways to be dressed appropriately for any occasion AND let your personality shine too.


I don’t think the myriad of bodies out there can be broken into three, four, or even twelve different “shapes”, either. We’re all different! I’m more interested in a holistic approach, where my clients get the honest fashion and makeup advice they’re looking for, and have the tools they need to use clothing and makeup in a more intentional, useful, sustainable and most importantly enjoyable way! My approach is a respectful and collaborative one.


While I specialise in plus-sized people I offer my services to everyone – people of every gender, shape, colour, size and ice-cream preference.